Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Coupons to Print Today:

$1.00/1 Sandra’s All Natural Chicken EntrĂ©e products (10 oz.)

Make sure to check your email for the below coupon from CVS! :)

*** By the way, the following thoughts have been going through my mind like crazy for the past few months.....I just have to post about them.

      Okay, so I love shopping at Publix, but I actually LOVE shopping at Target much more. Despite the MM deals at Publix and the great "savings" that I so often see, I always can't help but think that most of those "savings" are due to Publix having nearly double the price compared to Target. I am in the process of comparing BOGOS with coupons stacked, to the deals at Target with coupons and Cartwheel stacked, and Target still comes out cheaper. It may "look" like I save more at Publix, but I get more for the money I do spend Target. I figure this is likely due to me NOT "purchasing" the $5 off $30 Winn-Dixie coupons, out-of-area/regional coupons, and/or spending multiple hours planning out these money-making deals on products I will not eat, nor use or have time to donate. I am just too busy. I want to also mention the whole purchasing coupons and inserts topic. For those who know me or have asked, I am completely against ordering coupon inserts and cut coupons. How many of you ACTUALLY follow the coupon fine print? I mean, really? I do. Always. And it's frustrating to watch SO many couponers misuse, abuse, and get away with using coupons blatantly against the coupon's fine print. For example, I do not care if (your or my) Publix, Target, etc. "allows" someone to use more than the stated one coupon per person or transaction fine print, if that is what the coupon STATES, then FOLLOW IT. Seriously a huge pet peeve of mine.
     This now leaves me to the "selling stockpile items" topic. I am against selling ANYTHING purchased with coupons. I'm lucky enough to just have coupons. To support my point, I highly recommend reading the following article. I just love it! Is it ok to sell your stockpile?
     When I coupon, I have found it MOST beneficial for me and my family to only coupon for items we need and will definitely use. Plus, our house is only 1,000 sq. feet, with no garage, porch, normal pantry, or closet space. We have very little room to stockpile. I tried "stockpiling" in the beginning of my couponing adventure, but became frustrated quickly. The limited time and space made "extreme" couponing not practical for me. For anyone out there that may feel the same or have questions, I encourage you to comment/post below. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts. :)

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