Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday, July 28th, 2013

***Make sure to check your email for a 30% off in-store CVS coupon!!! I wasn't lucky enough to receive the in-store coupon, but my husband's account/email address did!!! Yay! Remember, % off coupons like this can be stacked/combined with manufacturer and store coupons for awesome (and even moneymaking) deals!!!!


Check out all the coupon inserts from just one copy of today's PNJ newspaper!

I strongly recommend getting two of today's PNJ, so you have two sets of each of these inserts.

Many coupon deals are done in pairs, so you will need a coupon for each item.....and the only way that will be possible, is if you have two of the same insert!

I am also VERY excited that the pink RedPlum insert on the far left has Target store coupons inside!!! 

This is AWESOME! 

Our area (because coupons vary by region) is usually left out when it comes to receiving Target coupons in our newspaper inserts! 

However, NOT this time!!!!

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